How to Tighten Up Your Poker Game

How to Tighten Up Your Poker Game

Are you losing sleep because you can’t seem to win at poker? This problem is much tougher than you think and only a little Solution will solve it.

In this article I will discuss a simple tactic you can use to tighten up your poker play and make more money per hour by learning the biggest mistakes most new poker players make. Then you can begin to fix them yourself so you can play for longer, more often and get more accomplished on the tables.

The First Of The Worst Texas Hold Em Mistakes On AContinuation Bet

The continuation bet, when used properly, is a tool that can help you maximize your profits. When you use a continuation bet in position you can Often get the opponent to fold with a strong hand. Your continuation bet should be used against tight players and then also against loose players who like to call flops.

The problem with using the C bet is that it is sometimes not obvious when to use it.Say you have 8-7 and the player in the big blind raises pre-flop to $30. In that situation, an 8-7 player should probably raise with a wide range of hands.

With a wide range of hands you should win the blinds easily. When you actually hit your hand, the effect should be more psychological then physical. Realizing you have the best hand should make the poker players play a little better.

The Second Of The Worst Texas Hold Em Mistakes On A Continuation Bet

The continuation bet is often over used and under used. Its OK to make a continuation bet every once in a while but you should rarely just continuation bet the flop.There are a number of reasons for this, so we will cover the two main reasons today.

  1. Your opponent will often have a very strong hand and unless you put in a big raise or re-raise, there will often be no way to justify a call.
  2. If you continuation bet the flop, and your opponent raises, you will often lose too many chips to just give up. Calling and then losing too many chips is a bad effect.

The First Of The Worst Texas Hold Em Mistakes On A Continuation Bet

The first and worst mistake to make with the continuation bet is placing one in the pot when you don’t really have the best hand. This is the one of the biggest mistakes new players make with the bet. Getting called by the big blind with say J-10 is bad enough, but getting “Dewacasino” in with 10-8 or 9-10 is just painful.

The First Of The Worst Texas Hold Em Mistakes On A Continuation Bet

The second mistake is players don’t really understand how to use the C bet properly. There is no real reason you would bet the flop with nothing. You wouldn’t be betting nothing if you had pocket 9’s just to set up a semi-bluff on the turn. That’s just jumping into the fire.

Here are the underlying mistakes you make using the C bet. Bad idea. Bad mistake. Bad idea.

First, you make a continuation bet then your opponent raises, you have no idea what he has and you are stuck with an unproven hand.

Then, you make a bet on the flop when you don’t have any information and your opponent calls you.

Then, you check the turn when you should be betting the river.

Then, you call a bet on the river when you don’t have any information.

If you continue to use these tactics you will soon be leaving the game short of chips, or worse, you will lose longer than you can play. Don’t do it.

Using The C Bet Properly Will Make You A Better Player.

The problem with using the c bet is that beginners use it too often and are obvious and unreadable cheaters.utilize a C bet highly selectively. Set up a C bet at the beginning of a game, either soft or hard, on dry boards.When a hand is played properly, continuation betting can be profitable. That’s particularly true when the board is not so dominate. Hands like 6-8-9 on a paired board stand a good chance of winning. When the board is heavily paired,5-6-7, even connectors like 6-7-8 have a better chance. continuation betting is generally not profitable when there are obvious flush draws on the board, or when you are up against an opponent’s loose all-in because they are betting out with nothing. Lastly,don’t be so eager to turn a strong hand into a weak hand that you will call away your chips.Most players who are familiar with the game of poker, especially novices, C bet the flop or turn in hopes of catching a card that will help them.